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Workout Mistakes Women Make

Applying Every Workout Theory Ever Read
There are many theories as to how most effectively and efficiently work out-cardio after weights, max weight few reps, supersets, fast-twitch muscles, cardio intervals, the list is endless. The theory that works best is the one that you like and keeps you going to the gym. Find a theory and stick with it. Don’t fall into a rut though!

Not Rising To The Challenge
Finding a workout routine and theory and sticking it with it is a great thing, but falling into a rut won’t help you achieve and maintain your goals. As with any self-improvement project, you must challenge yourself. When a weight becomes too easy, add to it or add reps. Same thing with your cardio, if you have been running for months, switch it out to swim, bike or use the elliptical. Work out with a friend or personal trainer to help you challenge yourself.

Sacrificing Form For Pride
Working out is not a competition with anyone but yourself. Easier said than done! The truth is, poor form or posture when working out can create injury from the most basic of exercises. Lift and exert to the point you are comfortable with the challenge. If your body hurts in a not building muscle way-stop! Again, engaging a personal trainer to help you with form and understanding how to properly lift weights, utilize machine and incorporate cardio can save you from aching backs and missed days of exercise.

Fear Of The Unknown
Many women go to the gym and do the same thing every time. Not always because they enjoy it, but because it is all they know. Not only is this a waste of the gym fee, but also a lost opportunity. Engaging a professional trainer or the floor staff to help explain and demonstrate how a machine works or a great arm exercise with free weights are great ways to get past that fear.

Cardio Cardio Cardio
Cardio is great; it is definitely a part of any workout routine. But that’s just it, a part of a great workout routine, not the routine. Women often skip weights for fear of bulking up, but weight-bearing exercise helps to increase metabolism, strengthen bones and improves cardio function.