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Strength Training For Women

Something else to think about… you save lots of time that you’d otherwise spend commuting to and from the gym. Plus, you save time not having to get dressed up to make yourself presentable to fellow gym-goers. Strength training for women doesn’t even have to mean working out in trendy clothes (as you see on TV and magazines). At home you can even do exercises in your underwear!

But you might still be thinking you need many hours a week to do effective exercise at home. Not at all!

Do exercises that give you the highest return on investment (ROI) on your time. And you will definitely see improvements even if you can spare only 1 hour a week to exercise. That could be two 30-minute sessions. Or three 20-minute workouts.

So, what kinds of exercises am I talking about? What will give you great results if you can only workout for 1 hour a week? Well… exercises that use several muscle groups at the same time, in one movement. For example, the Romanian Deadlift works the back of your thighs, buttocks and back muscles all together. However Bicep Curls will use mainly your bicep muscles. The key to having a short but effective workout is to include multi-muscle exercises like the Romanian Deadlift as much as possible in your routine.

You won’t see significant results if you can only workout 20 to 30 minutes and use that time to do single-muscle exercises like calf raises and tricep extension and wrist curls etc. In your short workout, you must mainly do exercises such as deadlifts, squats and pushups that use multiple muscle groups at the same time. That way, you’ll improve your body shape without having to spend much time exercising.