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Some People Avoid Gyms

Too much of a club scene. Now, I admit, some gyms (especially the mega-sized ones) can really make you not want to go with the social type scene. You go to get a good workout in and may get hit on a few times. One solution I have always used over the years? I walk in with my headphones on and block everything out. This may take time to get used to but when I have a big routine ahead, it’s easy to get “in the zone” and ignore women trying their best to get your attention. Look irritated if you have to as soon as you walk in and keep your headphones on…even if their off. Most people will not want to bug or interrupt you if they see them on. Another tip is to wear a wedding ring even if not married. Now, this won’t work with everyone because we all know you have people out there who don’t respect anything but it will deter most. Married for real? KEEP YOUR RING ON!Don’t want it scuffed? Get a 75 cents bubble gum ring and wear in place of your real one while at the gym (I personally always leave mine on because as a guy, I kinda like the “rough” worn look of my band.) I know the women reading this probably don’t want scratches on theirs so if you are one who removes your ring to workout, try wearing this T-shirt instead:

Too Pricey. While there are SOME gyms who do charge insane amounts for the “privilege” of being there (and I am saying “privilege” with a huge amount of sarcasm), most do have some pretty decent rates. I pay $32 and change per month for a membership with 24 Hour Fitness here in the Pacific Northwest. This gives me access to all but a couple of their many locations. For someone really strapped for money, this could still seem like too much but look at where your money goes. I know here in Seattle, where coffee is king, the avg. person probably gets coffee 5+ days per week. The average price for your fancy-I Need To Take A College Course Just To Order Because It Sounds Like A Complicated Science Equation-drink is about $3.50-$4.50. That’s NOT including the big tip jar most places have out as if the coffee isn’t expensive enough. Add that up and that’s an avg. of $80+ per month. If you just cut back on 2 drinks per week and make your own, you can pay for a really good gym membership. Look at your spending. Cut back on things that are truly unnecessary and use that money for taking care of your body!

Intimidated. Anyone just starting out on their own exercise journey finds it hard enough to get going. Many clients have told me that going into a gym where everyone looks in great shape is very hard to do. They feel intimidated by this and even feel “embarrassed” since they don’t look the same. When I first started getting more and more into lifting weights and started going to gyms, it was a little bit intimidating seeing guys in better shape than me. After becoming a gym “veteran” and changing my body, it’s a surreal feeling having guys ask ME for tips about how I got to where I am or complementing me on a big lift.