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Seduce Women in a Gym

Don’t wait to approach the women at the gym. Take the initiative! Maybe you have already found the first woman that you would like to seduce and she is on a treadmill. Go get on the treadmill next to her and innocently ask her if she knows how to operate the machine. Tell her you haven’t used that particular machine before and you’re not quite sure how to work it. You have nothing to lose.

From here you need to transition into a conversation. Start asking her questions and get a conversation going. When you start getting signs that she is interested it’s time to change and you can start asking some screening questions. Things like what she likes to do for fun, what she likes to read, etc. If she tells you things about her that you find attractive, then compliment her a few times but make her earn them. She should be talking about things that are interesting to you.

While you were getting her attention, she was seeing if you meet her criteria. Now is the when she needs to win your interest, so now you are seeing if she meets your criteria. In other words, she needs to hit on you and try to seduce you. You will need to let her win, eventually.

Keep in mind that she may be a little embarrassed because you’re talking to her while she is working out, but if you think that she is hot and want to try and seduce the woman, you should make this your mission and just go for it.