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Not to Be Annoying at Gym

Have you notice the increased number and popularity of “ladies only” fitness centers these past 10 years of so. The reason, I think, is deeper than just women not wanting to work out in the same room as men. Actually, I think most women probably have no problems working out in the same room as men. But the next time you go to the gym, take a moment and see if you observe what I have seen in most gyms:

• Guy drenched in sweat finishes a set of lat pull downs and proceeds to sit there, and sits there and sits there…
• Guy grabs a 40lbs dumbbell, and a 35lbs dumbbell, 30lbs,25lbs,15lbs, and a 10bls dumbbell, because he wants to run the rack doing lateral raises
• Guy using 315lbs barbell to do bent-over rows (more likely hunched over, moving the bar 3 inches), screaming, grunting, letting all who can hear – his roar of conquest!
• Guy finishing a great set of bench press, drenched in sweat, gets up and walks off – leaving most of his sweat behind. Oh, sweet!
• Guy finishes a set of incline presses, and then just drops the dumbbells to the ground. One time I saw this, an employee of the gym said something to the guy. The guy bellowed something like, “you got a problem, little man” – this guy being the hulk, of course. Not really!

I could go on. Why would women want to work out in that environment when they have can have an alternative. I have had my doubts often. Yet, if you are going to work out at the gym, this could be the environment you find yourself in.

Most gyms nowadays have separate areas for “average folks” like us and hardcore weightlifters/bodybuilders. But there is no rule that says you cannot use both areas. And you should! A great reason for doing a set of bench presses in the hardcore side is the inspiration that comes from being with a bunch of guys and gals pumping enormous amounts of weight. Okay, now, do not get carry away and try something beyond your level. Just workout at your pace but look at these guys and gals, you are going to be one of them in a year from now. That is exciting.

But let us get back to the above group of guys, because they can and will wreck your workout, especially if you work out at a small gym. My time objective has always been to be in and out of the gym in one hour. That breaks down like this,

• Change and Warm-Up – 15 Minutes
• Workout – 40 Minutes
• Change and Shower – 5 minutes (I shower fast and change fast and get out fast)