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Ideal Gym Workout

If you only wish to lose fat and you’re ready to make the investment in home based gym equipment, then home gym is ideal for you.

Starting out in a basement with 20 lbs barbell, a bench, a pair of dumbbells and some free weights is a good start. Next step is to buy a leg curl attachment, a biceps curl attachment and a cable-pulley machine. As long as you feel that you develop, you can train at home.

The action steps are:

1. Decide where you want to train, at home or at fitness club?

2. Make the investment in gym equipment/club membership.

3. Start training!

What you have to watch out for is that if you somehow feel that you want to change the place you exercise, then do it.

Also don’t think that one of them is cheaper. It all depends on where you live and what prices are in your local fitness club.

Sometimes in short term it is better to go to local gym, but in a longer period of time (one or two years) it is better to create your own gym at home.